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Have you ever wished you could reach out to your website visitors and invite them to your restaurant? Imagine how much extra revenue you could generate if 20% of those visitors became a guest that occupied an empty table.

Now what if you knew each of those guests by name, had their email, and were able to invite them back?

Now you can.

Made for independent restaurants

Freebookings is the most easy to use online reservation software available to restaurants. Web-based (no expensive proprietary hardware) and user friendly, our software will help you:

  • increase revenue,
  • improve your online guest experience, and
  • build your guest email database.

Our focus on simplicity, clarity, and ease of use make our service truly unique. You'll love using Freebookings.

For years online reservation software was expensive and complicated - exorbitant hardware costs, unpredictable monthly invoices, and arduous trainings. No more.

Freebookings gives restaurants exactly what they need: a simple, but feature rich, system that gets you online and able to take diner reservations from your own website whether they use their home computer, office computer, a tablet like the iPad or a smartphone.

What Freebookings means for you

  • No additional hardware charges
    (All you need is a computer or mobile device with WiFi or 3G access.)
  • No per cover fees
  • No service fees

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Freebookings is powered by Livebookings, the global leader in online restaurant reservations and restaurant marketing solutions.

Want to know more? See a video on how Freebookings works, read about how Freebookings can be free, or check out our blog with helpful restaurant technology and marketing tips.

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