Freebookings Release Notes

Feature update: v1.790

Released: 18th June 2012

  • Freebookings now supports language translations. First new language added: Swedish. More soon to follow.
  • Minor bug fixes.
  • Performance improvements.

Feature update: v1.737

Released: 18th May 2012

  • Vastly improved management of availability exceptions using the Adjust Availability function:
    • Set opening times individually by day and shift - useful for days with special events.
    • Add a brief note to describe why the exception was made / by who / important facts to remember.
    • At the click of a button the exceptions to a day can now be removed, reverting the availability to the configuration set in basic availability under Settings.
    • Removed (rare) issue where availability exceptions and basic availability in Settings would clash.
  • Month View now supports a list based presentation of days, alongside the original calendar. This makes it easier to see which days need attention, or have exceptions to the normal basic availability.
  • Month View can be filtered to show all days in a list, or only days with exceptions or closed off as public holidays.
  • Settings has a new function, Holidays & Exceptions:
    • Lists by year and month all exceptions for easy removal / editing.
    • Lists by year pre loaded public holidays which are closed off by default for all users. If you for example are open on Christmas Day, users have to actively open that public holiday up for online reservations. Please check the new Holidays & Exceptions page to make sure you are open for reservations on holidays where you do business.
  • Preparations for launch of upgrade version, adding several features. Schh.
  • Performance improvements.

Feature update: v1.635

Released: 11th Apr 2012

  • Support for international addresses means we can now start accepting customers outside of the USA! We are very excited by this. Additional countries will be activated as we can properly support them. Keep your eyes peeled on the Freebookings blog and Twitter account!
  • Support for time zones around the world.
  • Phone numbers in restaurant settings and customer records now support international dialling codes.
  • Setting for switching between 24 hour and AM/PM format.
  • Dates displayed throughout the application now in readable format (like "11th April 2012") rather than just string of digits.
  • Where suitable, date is always displayed with day of week (like "Wed", or "Wednesday") written out for increased clarity.
  • Introducing statistics from the reservation tool, displaying reservaiton volumes for the past week along with visitor statistics and split between desktop and mobile. Yes, there will be more Analytics coming soon...!

Service update: v1.514

Released: 13th Mar 2012

  • After usability testing we realized we had to improve the experience for users of certain versions of Internet Explorer:
    • Improved text rendering.
    • Optimized responsive functionality across site and Control Panel to cater for different window widths better.
    • Page load speed improvements.
    • Minor bug fixes.
  • Changed Control Panel Dashboard Reservations Snapshot introducing a more clear layout and color coding of shifts corresponding to Day View.
  • Month View now shows closed shift with a darker strikethrough, to make it more obvious when a shift is running low on online availability vs actually being closed.
  • Changed website start page after usability testing, clarifying that Freebookings is not only for reservations from Facebook, but also from the restaurant's own website.
  • Changed website footer after user feedback about the dark color scheme.
  • Automated server settings to adapt based on deployment environment, making releases of new versions easier.
  • Automated functionality testing using Selenium to increase speed of delivering new features.

Feature update: v1.380

Released: 20th Feb 2012

  • Restaurants can now use a form in the reservations widget setup page to send an email with instructions to their web developer.
  • The one hour cut off time can now be removed on a restaurant by restaurant basis. UI yet to be implemented.
  • Added support for affiliate tracking.
  • Database preparations for new feature. Scchhh... We won't say what it is yet, but it will increase your knowledge of how Freebookings is used by your customers!
  • Improved internal error logging.
  • Implemented automated end user testing using Selenium, covering a significant part of the Control Panel's most used functions.