There is no catch

Is it really free? We get that question a lot.

The answer is yes, the basic Freebookings service is really free, and will stay free forever. We promise.

No complicated contracts (check our terms of service if you like), no hidden fees, no lock ins. It's risk free.

Why free? We simply think reservations from your website and Facebook Page should be free. You built it, your brand is attracting the customers, you are running (and paying for!) the marketing.

So where do we make money?

Freebookings is a "freemium" service. The basic reservation service is always free (and robust enough to be used in your every day business to take online reservations from customers visiting your website), and on top of that we offer paid for upgrades.

Users can upgrade at anytime to take advantage of premium paid for services such as mobile optimized websites, advanced table management, email marketing, extensive reporting and access to a partner marketing network to bring your restaurant more reservations.

In other words, we give Freebookings away, for free, in the hopes of impressing you enough with the quality of our service that we get an opportunity to sell you one of our paid for services.

And when you decide to buy a paid for service from us, reservations from your website stay free. No cover charges.

Sounds like the thing for your restaurant? Sign up today, and try it out with no risk. It really is free!

If you want to know more about what we can do for your business other than Freebookings, visit the Livebookings website.

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