How Freebookings Works

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Features and Benefits

You are mobile: Access anywhere

Freebookings works with any modern web browser, use it from your home, your back office, on the road, on your smartphone, your iPad or other tablets. No proprietary hardware, no contract lock ins.
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You are in control: manage availability

Offer as many reservations online as you like. You set the number of customers you can receive for each shift. Freebookings shows your customers exactly when they can make a reservation, so you never overbook.
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You are in the know: reservation alerts

Get automated alerts with full reservation details sent to your email and mobile device about new reservations made on your website.

Automatic confirmations to your customers

Freebookings automatically confirms your reservations based on your current availability. Your customers receive an email confirmation, branded with your restaurant name. Make a test reservation here to see what it looks like.
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Finger on the pulse

Get the most important information immediately - how many covers and reservations you had yesterday, have today, and have coming up in the next 7 days.

Reservations list on screen and printer

See reservations for each shift in an easy to use list, on any device (browser, iPad or smartphone), or on paper (printer required). Quickly see how many times a customer has dined with you before.
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Customer database

Build your customer database automatically over time to learn more about your customers and their preferences. You have the comfort of knowing your guest list is there for you to download anytime you need it.
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